About me


Hi human beans, welcome to the chronicles of lil sleepy eggplant. That’s my alter ego name for when I am in the slumps of chronic fatigue. I’m sleepy, cuddly, lack the ability to function and lay stiff in bed wasting the day away. It’s a much cuter name than BED-RIDDEN YOUTHFUL PERSON WASTING LIFE AWAY. Which is how I feel on these days.

I try to remain positive and my sense of humour is amazing. I like to joke the shit out of my life to the point where no one knows if I’m having a laugh at myself or being crippled by thoughts of how wasteful it feels having this THING.

Mostly, I refuse to believe that I’m not going to get better. This means that I zoom around the house using up all my spoons and then slamming myself into bed for a 10 hour day nap and feeling like shit for a good four days. It’s a constant cycle and a battle I am finally trying to face head-on. Okay, but does anyone else think pacing is the dullest concept ever?

I’ve basically turned myself into a science experiment or as my partner says “human version of Dexter’s Labratory”. Therefore, I feel like I have a lot of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t.

When I was first diagnosed I did what any millennial would do and googled “chronic fatigue + blogs.” I couldn’t find any and this was alarming. Now I know it’s because we’re all sleeping or being productive in the one waking hour we have where we have enough energy to get out of bed.

I’m looking to change this. Let me share some stories and hilarity with you to show you it isn’t all bad. This blog will feature a lot of Bindi The Rescue Dog. She is the ultimate companion/ride or die/protector/sanity saver in the entire universe. She is currently asleep on my legs, FYI.

Actually, maybe this will just turn into a Bindi blog. How could you not be satisfied with that?

Happy napping,

Codii + Bindi