I started an accidental business???

It’s very public knowledge that I pet sit, I think? I consider it a hobby. It’s so fun meeting dogs rather than people!

This all started when I was in uni because I so desperately wanted a dog/to hang out with dogs and I came across a website that allowed me to do that and get paid??? DA FUQ??? That was a Codii dream come true.

I think I really came to the scene very early on in the websites stages. This explains a bit later on actually!

Anyway, I signed up and I set my prices really damn low to attract the doggo’s because I just wanted to hang out with doggos all day. This really worked and it got me the fucking worst clients ever. I had this dog that would constantly dig holes and escape (I kind of refuse to pet sit staffies now fuck people who say they are ultra cute and good, NO -NIGHTMARES).  I had some lady who was a legit fucking hoarder! I’ve never been in a worse house in my life. It was truly what nightmares were made of and I thought it was gonna be a hoarders episode not me taking her dogs for a walk. Also, the dogs were total DICKS!! One dog REFUSED to leave past the front gate. The other dog had crazy eyes like it would happily murder you and eat you if it was given the option. It was a massive dog and it chased fucking dogs and cats down the street with me just being dragged and sprinting to make sure I didn’t let go of the lead and cause a DISASTER.

Honestly, I took my sister with me on the lady’s request cos she said her dogs were big and difficult but I NEVER EXPECTED THAT EVER. It’s been like 5 years and I still talk to my sister about it like LOL remember how I started my dog sitting career?

I then had an army guy threaten violence against me and when I called the pet sitting website (to which you pay a 15% fee mind you!!!!) they said there was nothing they could do. This was after I was locked out of his house which was completely his fault and he asked me simultaneously lift up his garage door which isn’t meant to be lifted obviously and crawl under it at the same time. I was shaking with anxiety and felt like I was gonna die. I ended up having to leave his house because I felt so unsafe cos he was like you don’t wanna know what I’ll do to you if anything happens from this or SOME SHIT. Mum was ready to fly to Brisbane and fuck this dude up for how mean and rude and violent and abusive he was OMG.

Needless to say, I took a fucking vacation from pet sitting after that event.

Also, this was all on one website. I had another website but it never really took off. I actually got banned from the first website after army dude WHICH I’M STILL REALLY MAD ABOUT BECAUSE I CALLED THEM FEARING MY LIFE AND THEY SAID THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO AND THEN BLOCKED ME.

Anyway, these are just all the dramatic things to make this blog dramatic. But the smaller, less known website was providing me with the goods throughout all of this too.

I walked a dog for a lady for months!!!! because she leg was broken. I loved that family. It was all a bit strange though because she had a teenage son who’d come out at 5:30pm to hand me over the dog in his pyjamas??? I was like dude can’t you walk the dog? but okay whatever I love her! She was my one true bae! I still think so much about her because I just love her and her family. This lady also provided me with the “this girl must know some shit because she has regulars” appeal.

I then pet sat for a lady who asked me if I knew anyone who could get her weed. No sorry, but I’ll look after your animals? She lived in a legit hotel on the Brisbane river paid for by the government and she always told me Malcolm could come and stay because I always looked after her animals on the weekends. BLESS HER. She was so cute and feminist and we’d cross the river on the free ferry and go on dates and pretend we had a hotel to go back to. Well, it wasn’t pretending?? But that lady paid me SO good? Even though I told her my rates she’s like lOL I’ll pay you this much, also there’s like $50 in change so get yourself dinner and wine. I LOVE HER. I did this often so another regular.

I also had a family and they left.their.dogs.out.for.NYE.fireworks ):):)):):):):):)):): and the dogs escaped :):)):):):):):) and I had to rush over there and find them and the whole neighbourhood were so angry at me because they thought they were my dogs or something? AND THEN THE DOG BIT ME BECAUSE IT WAS SO SCARED AND I HAD TO GET IT OUT FROM UNDER A CAR AND RISK MY HAND OMG and the client was asked to pay me for an extra visit because I dropped my life and tended to this emergency situation and got my hand bit. But she never paid me :):))::)):

Anyway, I accidentally started a business in the process of getting abused and bitten by angry dogs. I have regulars, I have “”””elite”””” people whose animals I look after, I have top rating WHATEVER WHATEVER

I don’t care.

I also increased my prices and at the same time the website really took off.

I just love their animals and I still love hanging out with friendly puppers. It gives me the greatest joy.

Anyway, it seems that in amongst the fun of talking to animals like they are humans in my spare time this little thing has taken off! The other day my phone buzzed constantly with requests.

But I am crippled. With anxiety.

What used to be my biggest fun affair hobby has turned in to ADMIN.

I am not an admin girl. I can’t do admin. I can’t respond to messages in a timely manner hahaah have you noticed? i’m probably ignoring someone right now to write this blog.

Tonight I really thought about why I leave pet sitting requests for days unopened. It’s a bit fucking strange and it’s definitely not business savvy. BUT I NEVER INTENDED TO BECOME A BUSINESS. Poor little me LMFAO. I never ever wanted to become more business than hobby but I actually think it’s turned in to that.

Let me explain.

People make requests. And then some people inevitably ask me to reduce the price for my services. I already really have low self-esteem and self-doubt when it comes to this shit because I know I’d happily play with dogs for free. I FEEL GUILTY. I FEEL REALLY FUCKING GUILTY AND I FEEL LIKE AN INTRUDER. Who is this girl patting dogs and getting paid for it?

But on the other hand…

I’m like an a+ top rated “business” now. I have references, I have a million reviews, I have a fb page dedicated to my adventures, I have it all. But it cripples me!

I always go and meet the family first and this is where I just get fucking crushed omg. I listen to their story because I’m a chatty person and then I start thinking fuck these people love their dog but they are poor and I can’t charge them what I usually would because they are poor? They are so kind by rescuing a dog and they never go away cos they are poor but they are tryna do a good thing and get their dog looked after while they are away and I’m charging real life cash dollars OMG. And this is all before they’ve even mentioned that they can’t afford me.


And here’s where it gets murky because now I’m being chosen for my services based on the fact that I have top reviews, I’m reliable and friendly etcetc BUT I wanna act like I’m a 12 year old who has all the time in the world to be doing this shit when in reality I gotta feed my own fur-child, I’m chronically ill, I have an actual job etc. HECK I’M IN TOO DEEP.

I’m at a cross roads pals OMG. I don’t even have a solution. I’m a bleeding heart leftie. I just love animals and I think they should always have the best care and life despite the income of the people who own them. It’s just so obvious that that is the core thing in life but the reality is different because I don’t wanna be staying at another persons house looking after their dogs like they are my own when I legit got a fur-kid myself at home without me. LOL JKS she loves Malcolm more than me anyway HAHAHA.

I’m very aware this blog is a lot of rambling about silly things. In the end none of it matters because I get to hang out with fluffy creatures (on the odd chance I overcome my anxiety and open the damn emails to begin with).

I probably have Imposter Syndrome 🙂

Suggest real talk shit below. I have even more anxiety cos it’s nearly holiday season and I get a lot of requests then OMG HELP. I was thinking maybe I could just be like sorry I am booked out/out of your price range but I’m sure there are other capable people who could help you for less, just keep searching luv cos I’m gold standard now baby (hilarious dumb attempt at being confident when I’m clearly not at all).

PS: I just love dogs.






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