Unsolicited advice


Someone just asked a question in a chronically ill vegan group basically being like “does it annoy you when vegans act like veganism will cure or prevent any and everything?”

And that triggered me!!!!!!


But then it got me even more ANGERY thinking about people in general handing out unsolicited advice.

I have many thoughts in regards to this so just listen up if you’re not chronically ill/disabled.

Firstly, being chronically ill is a full time job. I’ve said this before. I’ll never stop saying it. Before I got sick I always used to think WTF do disabled/chronically ill people do all day? Like don’t they get bored?

No we don’t get bored. EVER.

An average week for me is giving in to the one billion medical professionals handing out advice on an under-funded and under-researched illness called CFS. NO ONE KNOWS SHIT ABOUT IT. Yet doctors and EVERYONE speculates and you’re expected to listen and take their advice and be like thank you so much you’re gonna cure me!!!!!!! good on you!!!! while you live your life as a fucking minor research project for their curiosity.

Every second week I go to my doctor who is also a medical acupuncturist. Last week he told me that my blood pressure is dropping ever further. He said I needed a blood test to make sure it wasn’t iron or something. I then went and got a blood test that took an extended amount of time and difficulty to get because my veins are so small and now I’m all bruised up in my arm from them digging around searching thin air for a vein!

On the same day that I got my blood test I also had an exercise physiology appointment. This sweet gal has given me two exercise plans – one for when I’m REALLY tired and one for BETTER DAYS. Love, do you know I live in the REALLY tired state every.fucking.minute??? How am I meant to judge when I’m “really tired” or having a “Better day”??? Cos lemme tell you!!! There was one!!! study down on exercise and cfs. It showed that graded exercise helped cfs. That study has since had a massive new york times investigation conducted on it and it was found to be fully rigged for reasons I just can’t even be fucked to research. I have my lived experiences which tell me exercises obliterates me for days. So anyway, this lovely gal is telling me how exercise increases energy. And I was like okay but I mean… are you talking in the general population or people with cfs? And she responds saying ohhh I mean in general yeh exercise increases energy. She could not tell me that exercise in CFS patients increases energy. She’s treating me like I’m the general population when clearly I’m not and clearly it fucks us CFS humans up. WHATEVER!

Anyway, I HAVE to go to this gal because a rheumatologist who told me she’s “by no means an expert on CFS, I’m a rheumatologist which is a different field” hot-potatoed me to an exercise physiologist because she couldn’t help me herself. And I HAD to go to the rheumatologist because my doctor, who isn’t an expert in CFS, told me I needed to go to fulfill the requirements of being a “good sick person”. Basically, a good sick person who follows all the rules of seeing experts/tryna help themselves/following advice of people who have just as much as an idea as yourself etc

So now every second day I have to choose an exercise program. I have to wake up and be like shit…. fuck…. how do I feel? Really tired or just tired? Which exercise regime should I do today.

AND THEN! I have also had to see a dietitian in the past week who gave me a real plan she legit printed from a published book you can buy at dymocks (no hate but come on). So now I’m doing all this hectic good eating which takes a lot of energy because I have to make all this balanced food.

And then my blood test came back with something wrong so I had to see my close and convenient doctor nearby. She asked so many questions like what do you eat etc and I’m like :):):):):):) I’m on a dietitian implemented meal plan :):)):):):):):)) so she was wrecked because she couldn’t do the “oh just go see a dietician and eat more iron rich food” which was an amazing feeling like PLS BINCH I’M DOING EVERYTHING.

And then!!!! I have stupid fucking disability support people actually harassing me about coming in for a meeting regarding working even though my occupational therapist granted me a one year break from working. Obviously I need to work and I work A LOT so this all seems redundant and useless anyway.

Oh and while I was at the doctor she started asking me about my gynaecologist and how I’m going with him!

Point of this: as you can see I have a whole fucking village of medical professionals I constantly need to check in with/follow orders from/be a puppet too. I really don’t have time or energy for your pseudo-science advice.

And yet!!!

I posted on a vegan gals group asking for chronically ill gals to make themselves known so we can chat and some fucking binch messaged me telling me about this amazing pill that has 100 diff fruits and vegs in it and cures everything!!! Do you know how hard it is to just click out of that message and not reply with a major rant talking about how rude and inconsiderate one must be to send your multi level marketing shit to me?

Tonight someone asked me if I have tried juicing celery??? No?!?!?! because it tastes like shit?!?!!?

I see in a million support groups people asking have you tried eating raw/paleo/Mediterranean/vegan etc. It’s just never ending.

Honestly, believe me, I get that people just want to help. It’s hard for people to listen and not offer a solution.

But for the love of multi level marking and celery juice, PLEASE STOP BEFORE I LOSE MY SANITY.





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