E-Minimalism… what a shitty concept hey! The world has gone for far that now we have to even tidy up our online lives!

Okay but one day I was feeling absolutely helpless and hopeless in the cleaning department of my life. I was too sick to get up and physically clean but I wanted to feel like I’d done something to help myself. You know those feels?

Anyway, if you follow any of my social media accounts you know how much ONLINE THINGS give me anxiety. I almost vomited from anxiety the other day just having to open up my emails. It’s actually the most ridiculous problem I have. I am always late to pay bills because I cannot fathom the idea of opening up my online banking to pay them. I can’t do online things. I don’t understand why.

I decided to do something to help my anxiety and feel good. At this point I had over 1k emails HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA my stomach is turning thinking about it. I’d always wanted to sort through them and organise them but fuck that. Until this sad day. I wanted to un-fuck that! Give myself at least a tiny bit more calm post-anxiety-vom when I actually got to the point of using my eyes to look at my emails.

I did the most scandalous thing. It took hours upon hours but I did it! I unsubscribed to every online email newsletter thing I’d ever mindlessly signed up to!!!!! It was the most freeing experience of my entire life!

Honestly, I’ve an active participator of Minimalism. I know that possessions create space in your mind even if you don’t realise. I then got thinking about online shit… THOSE 1000 EMAILS CROSSED MY MIND EVERY FUCKING DAY AT LEAST ONCE A DAY. And there’s a solution! I had to do it.

Turns out that unsubscribing to every stupid capitalist email thing takes so long and is super tedious. It will free you. No one will ever send you an unwanted “30% off today only babes” email again. Once you do it, you won’t have to ever do it again (unless you’re a fucking dickhead and forget about how great it feels to not get those emails and start signing up again).

I then created two folders. I don’t know how to use technology so creating folders was beyond me. I thought FUCK IT, I’m going to take the time to learn today. So I sat down to an informative youtube vid and learnt. I was like well okay I’ve already sat here decluttering my inbox I may as well invest in this bullshit too. I now have two folders – “for action” and “filing”. Usually emails that would need to go in to these categories would sit in my inbox forever because you can’t just delete them, right??? Like ever. What if I have to prove I lived in said house via my lease document from 10 years ago. Okay, that can now go in filing. IT’S AMAZING.

Now when I do get the courage to check my emails, I only ever see brand new emails and it feels sooooo much more manageable and less anxiety-inducing. I honestly feel so passionately about doing this as an act of self-love and care that I’ve dedicated a whole blog post to it.

Please do it. It will free you. Or pay me like $20 to do it. I honestly will HAHAHAHA ($20 is $20 ay).

If you needed a reminder to get to the shittest and most tedious task ever, here it is! šŸ™‚

Another great e-minimalist thing you can do for yourself is get a phone that doesn’t have a photo album but an e-cloud. I don’t know what that is but I think it’s like an image storing internet website thing where all your pics get automatically uploaded to. This means you don’t waste storage on all those images AND you won’t have to spend your whole life thinking about how you should upload your pics from your phone to your computer before it randomly dies (or the fucking screen breaks from dropping for the 4859834th time like me). That creates even more minimalism in your brain! And less anxiety!

Seriously, I cannot even tell you how freeing it is to not have to worry about chain emails and photo storage any more.

Please, send me more e-minimalism tips my way!


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