What I eat in a day

Hiiiii, I have spent a month on a very wholesome diet that has significantly improved my pain and fatigue. I always get asked how to go vegan/what to eat/recipes. And you know what? Why not just add it all together and pick 2 carrots with one hand (OMG CHECK OUT MY VEGAN SAYING).

I always see people on youtube do “what I eat in a day vlogs.” Look… I truly aspire to be that person but I’m always cooking in a dirty as fuck kitchen by avoiding the dirty bench space and realising I have a dirty blender and cleaning it when I need it. But here’s some shit I ate today!

SHREKFAST! Fuck that joke will never get old, I swear!


  1. Clean a dirty blender
  2. Chuck in a peeled orange, kiwi fruit, spinach, ice and water
  3. Upload to all social media accounts so people know just how healthy you really are!
  4. Pretend it doesn’t taste like ass

Tbh, it doesn’t taste like ass HAHAHA! Which is shocking. And it’s probably really good for you (or your social media popularity).


This fucking breakfast photo is pissing me off because it won’t let me rotate it without blowing up my $400 poverty computer from three years ago.


But! It’s simply:

  • 10 g almonds
  • 80g strawbs
  • 30g muesli
  • 100g yoghurt


OMG turns out I forgot to take a photo of my fucking lunch. Wow, I’m not good at this. Anyway it was a salad wrap ft beans. It was:

  • 80g four bean mix
  • carrot
  • tomato
  • spinach
  • hommus


Speaking of hommus! I always have hommus and 1/4 a packet of brown rice crackers from Aldi



This dank af coffee. This was my second coffee actually but the first was a $5 small as shit soy latte from a drive thru which Malc-the-coffee-snob endorsed. It was pure shit. Of course I then spammed his inbox telling him how upset I was.


Dinner was shroom and lentil bolognese


  • Cook 80g of pasta to your liking
  • Fry a quarter of an onion with garlic and a fuck tonne of oregano for 5 min
  • Add in 110g crushed tomatoes, a can of lentils and 80g chopped shrooms
  • Let it boil down on medium for 20 min
  • Eat with lots of cheese


The only other undisclosed thing that I ate was a small chips from Malcolm’s afternoon take away habit. I could have swapped this for a banana to be a cheap ass but when Daddy’s paying… why the fuck not.

I also did you all the favour of adding all this food up. Because the next thing people say about veganism is IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE. So is getting bowel cancer cunts.

I added it up based on weight/the coles website. This DOES NOT take in to consideration that I don’t buy any fruit or veg from coles. This means that my fruit and veg is approximately half the price of what the coles website says is the going rate for today.

Green juice – $1.68

Breakfast – $1.87

Lunch – $1.25

Snack – 25c

Coffee – 57 c

Dinner – $3.22

= $8.59

Honestly, I feel like the actual price from what I spent at the markets and how I buy everything on special… it would add up to be more like $5 for the day. BUT I want to be accurate and transparent. $8.59 is actually amazing for how insta-worthy I ate today. I initially felt sad about spending that much money a day on food. But then I was like WTF WHAT TAKE AWAY COULD I EVEN GET FOR THAT PRICE??? Not a burrito, not a pizza, not a burger, NOTHING. My acai bowl costs $15 every sunday. HAHAHAHAHAH.


I told Mum that I felt bad that I spend “a lot of money on food” and she was like wtf codii you have a chronic illness. You know how important health is. You can’t skimp out on health. Food is health. And while I wouldn’t go that far Mum, I’d say food is a major contributing factor to your overall health, I would say it’s pretty damn accurate.

If you want more posts like this please let me know. Also, let me know if you think my daily food expenses are cheap or doable or what??? I want all the feedback I can get x


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