Wholesome activities

I recently went three months without internet. Granted I’m kind of blessed in the sense that my days are mostly filled with sleeping LOL CFS LIFE. Anyway, so I’m practically a guru on living a wholesome internet reduced life, right? That’s how it works amongst us millennials, yeah?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I’ve been meaning to compose a list of low energy and/or wholesome and/or internet free activities to do in your down time.

Here are some of my favourites:

– Buy a cross-stitch pattern off Etsy (or download a free one) and cross stitch your life away. This is a very time consuming activity which requires mindfulness and the end result is amazingly cute and quirky gift you can give to someone or enjoy yourself!

– Learn how to knit and/or crochet. There are so many youtube tutorials on this. And if anyone learns how to crochet please do invite me to a DIY skype session because I cannot even do a basic granny square still. It’s frustrating and thrilling none-the-less!

– Weed a garden. You can do this peacefully and be all “thank you for trying to thrive in this spot but it’s not your time pal” or angrily like “fuck you motherfucker, bye Felicia”

– Download your libraries e-book apps and feel like you’ve just hit unlimited book heaven!

– Actually rock up to your local library and enjoy the atmosphere. I love smelling books, spying on people and pretending to use the computers so I can watch the oldie next to me take half an hour to figure out how to open google (eep I’m a terrible person).

– People watch. Just go sit out in public and watch people try to people. I love making up back stories to their life based on how they dress and appear.

– Get some sun. I don’t know why but I’m convinced that the only true way to soak up the D is to expose your stomach to the sky. It feels nice anyway. It’s a bit naughty like ooooohhh my belly is visible and the sun is kissing it.

– Go to T2 and drink all the free tea’s.

– Read a book. Read a self-help book. Read a book you’ve been meaning to read forever, or just one that’s being talked about recently (Handmaid’s Tale).

– Go to a second hand book shop. Find the oldest, most hidden place and pretend like you’ve just discovered it and you’re in the 18th century or something. Hit me up for my favourite one in Brisbane City. Bet you didn’t even know there was one in the CBD šŸ˜‰

– Walk around your suburb to smell and admire all the flowers in the front yards. If you are feeling risky pick a bunch to put on your dining room table, or give to a friend.

– Host a clothes swap/go to a clothes swap/suit case rummage.

– Clean out your closest and donate everything that doesn’t fit you or suit you or things you haven’t worn in the past three months. Imagine the smile on someone’s face when they find your perfect item in an op shop.

– Go op shopping!!!!!!!!!!

– If you can draw, draw some things and be arty.

– Make someone a handmade birthday/celebratory/I admire you card.

– Download a work of the week app and use it

– Listen to podcasts while laying in the grass looking at the clouds. I recommend death, sex and money and guilty feminist.

– Brew kombucha. It’s thrilling waking up everyday to check on your baby scoby/die if there is mould and you have to start again.

– Make a vegetable garden or just grow a herb or tomatoes. It’s a joy checking the progress of the plants everyday and watering them!

– Read that KonMarie book on cleaning and being tidy and put it into practice.

– Watch the Minimalism documentary on netflix and re-think your existence.

– Read a Thich Nhat Hanh book and ponder the meaning of life.

– Find a place that does those mystery “date with a book” books and live a little.

– Spend time with an animal. I like to teach Bindi new tricks. Carry her around like a baby while I make breakfast. Talk to her and tell her important life lessons. Kiss her forehead continuously throughout the day. Take photo’s of her every move. Play ball with her for an hour a day etcetc.

– Go to the gym and pretend you know what you’re doing and glare at people who look at you (a must).

– Go for a walk around your suburb and look at all the architecture. This is a better idea if you live in a rich area because tennis courts and fountains galore! I do this but I take a bus through the back streets of ascot so I can observe from a height and cover my area.

– Hit up a nature walk and enjoy all the smells and crunch of leaves under your feet and the feeling of potentially being subject to becoming an unsolved murder mystery and then be thankful you survived after.

– Take your dog for a walk.

– Call your mum! Send her pictures of some things you’ve been doing recently.

– Get a take away dinner and go to a look out to eat it and admire the city you live in. Picture what all the people below you are doing in their houses and in their lives. Realise you have a pretty decent life.

– Make a bomb breakfast. I love waffles. And gluten free choc peanut oat pancakes. Definitely take a picture and definitely send it to everyone.

– Google how to make a DIY compost bin for $5 and do it! Get worms if you’re feeling adventurous and add them. You won’t look back.

– Learn about indoor plants and add one to your bedroom or living space.

– Go to the dog park. Even if you don’t have a dog. I promise no one will notice or they’ll admire you even more because everyone just loves it when you want to talk about their dog/give their dog attention. You might even end up making a friend. I have.

– Actually pick a recipe from your 100000 pinned pinterest recipes and make it!

– Write a letter to someone you care about. Tell them why you are grateful they exist and then sneak it in to their belongings so they’ll get a nice surprise when they find it.

– Write a letter to a stranger and leave it in a public place like a public bathroom.

– Donate $2 to a charity of your choice. It doesn’t seem like much but if everyone did this the world would be a better place. Also, if you did this every week it adds up!

– Change your sheets and then have the best sleep ever.

– Make sure you sun dry your towel so it’s all crinkly and then savour the moment you dry yourself for that first time and it’s all crinkly and willingly absorbing all your water like a slave.

– This is extreme okay I get it but go to cash converters and get a bread maker. They are cheap and you’ll never look back. Make fresh loaves of bread because you deserve it. Set the timer for 12 hours, sleep and wake up to fresh bread for breakfast.

– Paint your nails.

– Buy or make a bath bomb and feel like a goddess using it. Epsom salt is good too.

– Buy a lemon and put it in a jug of water. You’ll feel epic and so insta worthy.

– Practice yoga. Every spare moment. Yoga with Adrienne on youtube is free and amazing. I can guarantee this because I’ve convinced everyone I know to give it a go and they’ve all loved it.


– Complete a 1000 piece puzzle, glue it together with puzzle clue and frame it. Now you have a pretty picture to remind you of all the swearing and frustration of completing a 1000 piece puzzle.

– While eating a meal take the time to thank all of the people who’ve come together to bring you all the ingredients you used to make it. I do this with breakfast so I always thank the farmers for their hard work, the families involved, the weather to make the crop, the bakers who get up in the middle of the night to make the bread, the grocery store woolies kid who doesn’t want to be at work because friends are cooler. Everyone you can think of!

– Meditate. Make it a non-negotiable. I always tell myself that if I can’t dedicate 15 minutes to myself, why can I give myself? (the answer is nothing). One giant mind app has a 30 day free course that teaches you how to meditate. Again, all my friends have been guinea pigs and love love love it.

– Bake an old fashioned cake. A slice of cake is like $8 a piece these days. Make one yourself and eat it all. Make up a really mediocre excuse as to why you deserve it.

– Skype with a friend who doesn’t live in the same city as you.

– Consult your tarot cards.

– Have a tea party by yourself. Or you can actually invite friends if you aren’t as introverted as me HAHA.

– Scan those coupon sites for really good discounts and treat yourself to a new activity. I especially like half price massages and whale watching. Maybe even do something ridiculous you’d never do like salt room therapy or relationship counselling.

– Check-in with a friend or acquaintance you haven’t spoken to in forever. This could be an old uni/school friend or just someone you’ve lost contact with. Give em the good ol’ “hey pal hope you’re doing well, what’s been happening” speech on facebook messenger.

– Browse reddit for some good threads. I love the writing prompts thread.

– Write in a journal. If you have nothing to write about set a random alarm on your phone before you go to bed. When it goes off the next day pick up a journal and write out your thoughts right then.

– Go to a vibin’ cafe and enjoy the atmosphere, soak up every sip of dat damn covfefe.

– Look up those really shitty conspiracy theory sites and laugh or facebook pages that neckbeards frequence like anti feminists australia. Try to find the best comment ever and send it to all your friends. Make this a game. A daily habit in fact.

– Download a karma sutra app and ride it girlfran. Seriously, such a good idea.

– Masturbate.

– Download a period tracking app, get an ovulation thermometer and track yo’ cycle.

– Pick up 5 pieces of rubbish every time you’re out in the world enjoying it. Give back to mother nature.

– Go on meetup.com and go find a bunch of weirdo’s to do an obscure activity with.

– Ask someone out on a friend date. We never see people IRL any more.

– Ponder the bee’s. They are dying. Make a bee friendly garden and/or bowl with sugar and water to help the little guys out.

– Sign an online petition that won’t help anything but might make you feel good for 2.5 seconds.

– Take a nap (you deserve it).

– Clean your ceiling fan. Why do they always get so dirty??

– Watch pimple and cyst popping video’s on youtube and send all the best links to me.

– Send someone a nice text/give someone a genuine compliment/tell someone how grateful you are to know them.

– Take nudes or selfies just for yourself. Send them to people if you’re keen. I like to send nudes and selfies to my group chat. I know my binches won’t spread them like boys do. Also, girls appreciate nudes and ya bod so much more than stupid guys anyway.

– Do a youtube pilates workout. Then think fuck I’m never doing that again. But you’ll feel that good type of sore from it and you’ll feel successful.

– Go to the doctor and ask for a mental health plan. You’ll get 10 free psych sessions and maybe you’ll better/get something worthwhile out of it. Personally, I’m inviting my psych to my wedding because she saved my sanity.

– Sign up to a pet sitting/dog walking website. Make money to be friendly to animals aka the joys of the world.

– Think of more wholesome activities I’ve missed and comment them below because I really want to add as many as I can and make this an ever-growing list of happiness and joy.


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